Social WiFi Marketing

Social WiFi Marketing

There is no doubt that the more exposure we have to a certain brand or company; the more likely we are to remember it by name. Although there are plenty of good businesses and products out there that have a lot to offer, yet they are not getting the business they deserve because people cannot remember the company’s name. To get this recognition companies have been trying all the possible ways but no method has turned out to be as effective and economical as social WiFi marketing.

All the offline businesses in general and retail stores, in particular, are using the technology of WiFi for business development. This tool is making them have a strong presence on social media besides increasing their customer database. They use this data to remarket their products and services. The use of WiFi marketing for business has many advantages for your retail business, if you want to learn, continue reading.

What is Social WiFi Marketing?
It’s a powerful and effective engagement tool that allows your customers to log in to your free WiFi using their social media accounts. Although, they can connect through email or phone number too, yet these methods are not as promotional as the first one. While making connections, the shoppers will also give likes and reviews on your social media pages. Furthermore, the data you collect with this tool is beneficial in remarketing your business and products.

The tool also helps you to communicate with your subscribers through email, text messaging, and social media. You can launch campaigns that without any doubt will help your business grow. Also, using your WiFi for business marketing will help you get a better ranking in the local search results.

How Does Social Wifi Work?
Social WiFi can be defined as the use of WiFi tools at offline businesses to allow customers to log in to the guest WiFi with social media credentials. The captive portal tool then collects data such as names, emails, and demographics of the customers. This data is then aggregated into customer profiles (in customer databases) to use later for re-marketing. Once a shopper connects with your WiFi, you can start sending them coupons, offers, and incentives that can drive customer loyalty, and maximize your revenue per customer.

The Advantages of WiFi Marketing for Business World:
Here are a few of the advantages that the wifi marketing tool offer to retail stores,

Collect First-Hand Data:
When the shoppers log in to your free WiFi, the WiFi tool helps you collect their name, email, or social networking information, which then, through API integrations, funnels go directly into your CRM, creating a marketing database with correct information taken directly from the customers themselves. This information is correct as it came directly from the customer, so, using it will yield some good results.

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