The Ten Best Digital Marketing Tools

The Ten Best Digital Marketing Tools

Implementing a successful digital marketing strategy for your small & medium business is a critical component for sustained growth. Nowadays, digital marketing covers everything from search engine optimization to paid advertising, so brand marketers need advanced tools for rendering them. Fortunately, there are many impressive online marketing tools which can be used to create more effective solutions.

For promoting a small and medium business, it is especially important to find the right tools that can help marketers manage a wide range of marketing activities. SMB marketers face marketing related challenges like lack of budget, increasing visibility, generating quality leads, keeping up with changing customer expectations, increasing ROI, enhancing customer lifetime value and more.

Despite the challenges, the outlook for digital marketing tools available is vast and continues to grow in 2022. These tools help SMB marketers get the most out of money and time invested. They automate repetitive tasks, collect data to analyze and optimize campaigns, and help organize and plan marketing activities and much more. With the right tools, small businesses can level the competition, compete with the big businesses, and drive revenue growth.

To assist you find the best online marketing tool for your business’ requirements, here is a list of ten best digital marketing tools for small & medium businesses:

1. Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a free tool offered by Google that allows businesses to track and analyze customer data. It is the most popular, easy to use, powerful and highly customizable tool.

The tool is best paired with other Google tools like Google Search Console. Data points that Google Analytics makes available to businesses include the number of site visitors for a specified time period; traffic sources, keywords that people are using in Google to find the website; demographics and interests of web users; how long each user spends on your site and which pages they visit and much more.

Providing all such information for free makes it interesting for SMB marketers working at shoestring budget. It supplies vital knowledge that helps the businesses in optimizing websites and marketing campaigns. They are capable of keeping their SEO efforts low cost.

Undoubtedly, Google Analytics happens to be the best web analytics tool out there for SMBs. This is a must-have tool in every SMB marketer’s toolkit. However, the quality of insights derived depends upon the skills of the tool users.

2. Ahrefs
Small businesses can realize their true online potential with SEO. However, many SMB owners struggle with it. SEO can be difficult for small business owners as it requires investment of considerable time and effort. Manpower deficient businesses have so many other things to do. That being said, there are a number of SEO tools that come to the rescue of the SMBs.

Ahrefs is one of the highest-ranked SEO tools which has proved to be effective for several small businesses. The tool emphasizes on capturing the search intent of keywords the businesses can rank for. It helps in creating relevant and organic backlinks from high authority websites.

When it is brainstorming keyword ideas and opportunities to rank, Ahrefs comes top of the chart for small & medium businesses. The tool offers a distinct site explorer that allows SMB marketers to check any URL’s top organic keywords, while also estimating how much traffic a competitor receives for any given search term. They are easily capable of identifying their site’s top-performing content and sources of backlinks.

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