Whatsapp Marketing Easily Connect

Whatsapp Marketing Easily Connect

The advent of smartphones and the internet has changed the communication between us.

First, we communicate by phone, then switch to SMS.

Also, now we have all moved to WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a popular messaging app that provides instant messaging.

People move from phones to text messages. Reasons exist
Text is much simpler than phone. They can check messages in their own time
Texts are less disruptive than telephones
Privacy Texting is a private communication channel
Texting is easier than telephones when the atmosphere is noisy
With Multitasking
To reduce stress because it does not require immediate attention, we can respond in our own time.
When it comes to messaging, WhatsApp is the most popular in the world. Today, the active WhatsApp user is over 1 billion, which means it has reached all corners of the globe.

What makes WhatsApp popular for thousands of years?

It is free to send or receive messages
We can send multiple photos, files, documents, locations and contacts
We can easily see the person we are seeing
Send a welcome message and again, see or not
Easily set a profile photo and update history
Get an idea of who we are contacting, online or the last hours of work
With SMS, it calls for us to send messages. We are unable to send photos, documents, files via SMS. Also, it does not indicate that the person you are texting has seen the text. Cannot update bio and profile photos. For these reasons, SMS has lost its popularity.

Why Does SMS Marketing Not Work Today?

While SMS has become the standard of communication between users, businesses use this platform to send offers and discounts on their products and services to their customers. Now, people consider this to be spam, do not open messages unless they are very consistent.

For starters and small businesses, SMS marketing is a waste of their precious time, money, and energy because almost no one bothers to open the message you are going to read, just swipe it and delete it. Also, it has a character limit and does not enable visual sending. In this era, millennials prefer visual rather than text. Customers do not prefer to resolve their questions via SMS.

WhatsApp Marketing For Businesses

WhatsApp is a mobile software that enables us to send messages to anyone in the world for free. It costs nothing to send messages, photos, and documents. It provides us with many ways images, audio, videos, texts, files, and more. to communicate with customers.

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