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Quality Lawn Maintenance and Care

The first impression of any residential house is given by the lawn. This is why lawn maintenance is a very important and integral part of home care. If the lawn is attractive, then the entire home is viewed to be attractive at first sight. Home owners can employ different techniques in a bid to keep their lawns very well maintained at all times. These techniques constitute lawn maintenance.

First of all, it is important to carry out regular top dressing of the lawn. So, what is top dressing? This is the addition of a layer of lawn compost mix to the existing soil of the lawn. Why do we do top dressing regularly? Well, the minerals and nutrients of existing soils do get depleted with time. With addition of the top dressing, you are basically adding nutrition that will continue nourishing the vegetation.

To ensure that the lawn looks attractive at all times, you can do lawn overseeding. This entails planting more grass seeds in patches that are lacking grass. Sometimes some grass withers and dies while you are maintaining your lawn. It is at this juncture that you need to replace the grass by planting new seeds. There are many species of grass that are ideal for overseeding. Generally, the grass used for overseeding is the one that grows very fast.

Raking and lawn dethatching must be undertaken regularly. This entails removing any top matter that is covering the grass on your lawn. Remember that the grass or any other vegetation you are growing requires sunshine for photosynthesis. The unwanted top matter stops the grass from getting this sunshine. In addition, the matter also inhibits the fast uptake of minerals and fertilizer. Therefore, do lawn raking and dethatching regularly.

You should also aerate your lawn soil regularly. By aerating, you are creating spaces for air within the soil. Air is important for healthy growth of the grass hence the importance of aeration. After aerating the soil, it is important to do lawn treatment. Here, you must ensure that there are no pests affecting the soil. You can kill pests by applying pesticides on your lawns regularly. The use of line also nourishes the vegetation while also managing the presence of pests.

One thing that is forgotten by most people when it comes to lawn maintenance is soil testing. Soil testing is important since you need to know what type of soil you have. By knowing this information, you can know the type of soil maintenance and nourishment to give it. This way, your grass will always grow being healthy at all times.

Planting beds for your lawns must always look attractive. One way of ensuring that they always look attractive is by edging the planting beds, driveways and walkways. Edging entails ensuring that the edges are always well-trimmed. This ensures that the original look of the grass bed or walkway is maintained. Generally, this is landscaping since it ensures that the landscape of the beds are maintained for a good look of the lawn.

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