How to Make Money on Social Media

How to Make Money on Social Media

Social media has taken over our lives in many different ways, so it only makes sense that commercial businesses are taking advantage of this resource. You don’t have to own a business to make money on social media, however. There are plenty of ways any individual can generate steady income by leveraging their social media accounts, and all you really need is a modest to large following.

Monetize Your Content
One of the simplest ways to make money on social media is to monetize your account. This is more common on YouTube and other video-sharing sites where ads can be placed in front of the primary video or within the video itself. There may be other sites that also offer the monetization of content. In order to take advantage of this type of program, you will need to consistently create new and unique content on a topic that interests you. Your topic should be a niche within a larger topic. For example, you might be passionate about comic books, but, by focusing on one particular publisher (Marvel, DC Comics, etc.), you can attract more viewers who share your interests. As more users click on your content and watch the ads, you’ll generate more income per video.

Join an Affiliate Marketing Program
There are many online retailers that offer affiliate marketing options for anyone with a modest social media following. Of course, those with larger followings will see more traffic and that will lead to larger products. It involves posting links to products that are for sale on the retailer’s website. Each link includes a code that will ensure you get credit for any purchases made via your link. To get better responses, you should choose products related to the type of content you usually post. For example, if you post about celebrity gossip, try to post links for merchandise related to Hollywood. If you’re a writer, you can appeal to more of your followers by posting links to new books.

Sell Your Own Products
If you create your own products, try selling them through your social media accounts. You can create a business page strictly for selling your merchandise, and this will allow you to post content related to the types of things you sell. Whether you write your own original fiction or create art out of junk auto parts, you can find a market for your products on social media. If you want to take advantage of paid social media marketing, taking social media courses can help.

Look for courses online or at a local community college that will teach you the basics of digital marketing. You can get around having to set up your own payment processing system by selling your products on Etsy or similar sites, or you can take all payments through a payment processing site, such as Venmo or PayPal.

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