How to Make Your Podcast Rank in 2022

How to Make Your Podcast Rank in 2022

The term “podcast” was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2005, but it was yet to gather momentum in the media and amongst the general public. After 16 years podcasting has evolved into a thriving sector, garnering investments from companies like Google, Apple, and Spotify. A greater proportion of businesses are leveraging this platform to reach a new audience and expand their base of consumers who are particularly interested in podcasts and related activities! So, the question is how to make your podcast rank in 2022?

6 Ways to Get Your Podcast Ranking Higher

1. Understand Your Audience and Define Your Niche

It’s important to decide on what topics and for whom you’ll make your podcast. Finding your niche is the first step in starting a podcast. This helps you to focus your efforts on marketing your podcast to your target audience. You may tailor your podcast to their preferences by including content that will benefit them. To do so, build an audience profile and thoroughly research your competitors’ work. Don’t strive to be like them; instead, try to make your podcast unique and include elements that will keep listeners engaged. Conduct in-depth research, surveys and polls, and join social media groups. This way, you can monitor the response of your target audience to observe how they react and make changes accordingly.

2. Podcast Search Engine Optimization

How to find your podcast? People would obviously come across your podcast based on its titles and description. Therefore, the titles should be based on the keywords that people could use to search about that particular topic. It’s important to employ keyword-optimized episode titles and descriptions. To improve your potential visibility in podcast search results, use keywords with a high search traffic. This will make it easier for your users to find your podcast. A podcast titled “The Social Media Marketing Tactics,” for example, what you think it would be about? We know, you know!

3. Create Blog Posts for Your Episodes

What are some ways to use blogs to advertise your podcast? On Google, blogs can be an effective way to promote your podcast. The titles and content used in pod provide relevant keywords for your podcast’s SEO. Moreover, a written update notifies users about the pod relevance and what they may expect to learn from it. Following that, discuss the key features that will entice a listener to tune in to your podcast. Other important details to provide are information about the guest using pull quotes, images, links, prewritten tweets and status updates, a hyperlink to the relevant resources, and the link of your podcast. Do you already have a pod-related blog post? Optimize your pre-existing blog’s on-page SEO to boost the level of traffic and potential subscribers on your podcast.

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