Marketing Tips to Personalize Your Business Outreach

Marketing Tips to Personalize Your Business Outreach

Marketing methods have diversified over time, and the more the upgrades, the better they become. As a marketer, personalizing your techniques puts you in a better position, ensuring better output and better customer satisfaction that directly reflects on your income. The use of short codes has come to make the experience even better.

1. Meaning of Short Codes

Short codes are 5 or 6 digit phone numbers used by organizations to send text messages at a ratio. Individuals opt to use keywords to short codes. These codes are shorter than phone numbers in order to improve the initiation process. When dealing with a large audience, they are best preferred due to their ability to send large amounts of information in a brief period.

In SMS marketing, the main types of codes used are random and vanity. Practically, they are both similar in that they function and have the same capabilities having their costs and numbers being the only difference.

2. Random Short Codes

These are also referred to as non-vanity short codes. They are the codes offered to a new code applicant who is given random numbers when joining and is cheaper compared to vanity codes.

3. Vanity Short Codes

When opting for these codes, you are given a choice to select your 5 or 6 digit number. These are pricier compared to Random as the U.S code registration charges for the selection and maintenance of the number of your choice. These codes are easier on the memory as one gets to choose numbers easy for them to remember.

4. Shared vs Dedicated Codes

Shared codes were the most commonly used in the past but with the industrial changes came a change that necessitated the use of dedicated codes, which are now the only available option in the market.

5. Dedicated Short Codes

These are the only codes in the market today and are used by individual brands or organizations. Earlier, they were mainly used by larger organizations or ones that could cover their cost. Access to a dedicated short code grants you control over messages sent via your number. This protects the integrity of your codes while reducing the chances of shutting down by cellular carriers. Other than

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